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Oh, here’s one I didn’t think I’d have access to except in pieces. The pilot mini-series for Challenge of the GoBots came out on DVD this week via Warner Brothers’ “manufacture on demand” service. While I’ve already covered that one in a previous Showcase (get the DVD, they remastered it and the video appears to have been taken down, possibly because we have the DVD–guess a video review article is in my future), it made me wonder what else we could get. See, we of the GoBot fan community never expected that a GoBots DVD would ever see the light of day thanks to various shenanigans by Hasbro (looking to bury the Transformers’ former competition now that they own Tonka). Now that it’s out is it possible to get a show like Mighty Orbots?

You may remember them from a previous “My Favorite Intros” article. Putting an American spin on the classic super robot stories like Voltron, Might Orbots aired on Saturday morning and I loved it as a kid. Sadly, it only lasted one season on ABC. Now I have to warn you, this is a Saturday Morning cartoon from the 80’s. Gary Owens narrates accordingly (they even left the show narration in) and this is the first episode. Can you handle the 80’s Saturday Morning kidness of it all? Can you? Then grab your favorite breakfast cereal and sing along! Go…Mighty Orbots!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Update> 8/11/2011: The YouTube video was taken down, but luckily I stumbled across it on Veoh.)

Now I like Megas XLR as much as anyone with good taste, but blame it on nostalgia if you want (I can’t argue that’s part of it) but I prefer this show. For one thing, despite all the gadgets the Megas can pull out, Orbots would kick its tailpipe. Also, that show kind of made fun of the super robots (for example the Gatchaman/Voltron style space  “S-Force”) in favor of the regular giant robots. Sure it was out of love, which is why I enjoy it, but this was played straight, with humor only adding to the show.

Additionally, each of the robots that make up the Orbots each have their own personalities. My comic-fan readers may think of the Metal Men. Meanwhile, super robots usually don’t have personalities of their own in their native Japan, reduced to piloted mecha, in other words vehicles. Here the robots aren’t piloted crafts but unique characters all their own, much as the Transformers (one of their original toy counterparts, Diaclone, were piloted machines–“Convoy”/”Optimus Prime” only became a living machine once the Americans got to him) and it may be very American of me to prefer that but I still do.

So whomever has the rights to this series…get these episodes remastered on DVD. If Warner Brothers can release the GoBots, I’m willing to believe anything is possible!

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