This happens every time I go skiing.

Super Dinosaur #2

Image Comics/Skybound (May 2011)

 WRITER/CO-CREATOR: Robert Kirkman
LETTERER: Rus Wooton
EDITOR: Sin Grace

Derek and his father bond while the Kingstons settle in, and create a few more suits for SD. The Arctic suit comes in handy when Tricerachops’ boss, the mysterious Exile, fails to recruit Max, who leads the heroes to the third party’s headquarters.

What they got right: They found a way to add character development to the awesomeness. It’s not just “how crazy can we be today”, but they’re writing characters around this concept. I’ve read reviews where people actually complained about the lack of “how crazy can we be today” (or HCCWBT), but I like that they took time to flesh them out, and we still get a T-Rex on skis battling a robotic alien.

What they got wrong: “This issue can’t be missed, just like every issue of SUPER DINOSAUR!” Does this have to show up in every solicit?

Recommendation: Battlesuit-wearing T-Rex on skis battling a robot. Really, what more do you need? Well, there’s also character development. Seriously, buy this.

If I were in Derek's place, there would be some yellow snow in my pants right now.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Transformers: Heart of Darkness #3

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