Why a drunken Galvatron never ends well for the bar that kicks him out.

Transformers: Heart of Darkness #3

IDW Publishing (May 2011)

WRITERS: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
ARTIST: Ulises Farina
COLORIST: Andrew Crossley
EDITOR: Andy Schmidt
ALTERNATE COVER: Casey Coller (artist) and Joana LaFuerte (colorist)

Galvatron revives an army of deactivated Transformers to stand against D-Void. They find another dimensional gate on another planet, with another lost comrade from Galvatron’s original mission waiting for them–Nemesis Prime!

What they got right: While there is little action in this story, the focus on the developing army could have been boring. It’s not all that exciting but somehow the writers make it work.

What they got wrong: That’s while reading it, anyway. Looking at it afterward it does feel like they were padding out the story a bit. Also, while I like the character models and space/planetary visuals, I thought the characters themselves, especially Galvatron (who is in most of the comic) seemed a bit stiff.

Recommendation: I’m still enjoying this title more than the main one, and I recommend it for Galvatron fans. He can be interesting while still sane.

I nominate this primarily for the layout.

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