Oh, how we’ve missed this title. Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade is my favorite miniseries. It has great characters, love for the Superman/Supergirl mythos and just darn fun to read. While it could be said it targets young girls, an often overlooked demographic in comics, as an adult male I just love this thing.

This is mostly due to the work of writer Landry Walker and the art of Eric Jones and everyone else who worked on the series. Sadly, only 6 issues were greenlit, and despite all the love I’ve seen for this series, DC has yet to approve an ongoing. Although these are the same lot that sacked Billy Batson & The Magic of Shazam, which I’ve called the most pure superhero title to come out in a long time. (Granted, that’s based on how I look at superhero comics, so your mileage may vary.)

Well, one fan is even bigger than I am. While I never had time to set up a shrine to the comic (partly worried I was carrying it a bit too far), someone has started a petition to bring it back. And with recent pics Landry posted with an updated look to Cosmic Supergirl, Kara, Belinda, Lex, and the superpets for a “9th Grade” continuation, it’s about time this comic returned to the shelves.

Blogger, fanfic writer, and Supergirl fan “ealperin” has just put together a Facebook page (Facebook account required) and “twitition” (Twitter account required) to request DC finally bring back Cosmic Supergirl (hopefully with Landry/Jones on it or it won’t work, bonus if colorist Joey Mason is back to complete the set). Here are some reminders of why we want this to happen.

Never tell someone your weakness. If it doesn't exist yet, it will!

But are we in the same book?

Sorry, Supermobile trumps Moon Supergirl

I feel the same way about this series ending.

And one more thing…

I had daydreams like this. Except I wasn't wearing a skirt.


(and a pointy hat)

Also check my reviews of the series, at the time as part of a weekly review instead of the current daily ones.

And read the first issue for free (legally) online. (You can even download it for free legally!)

Come on, people! Make this happen!

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