Better than one of those RC helecopters.

Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths #2

IDW Publishing (July 2011)

ARTIST: Alberto Ponticelli
EDITORS: Bobby Curnow & Chris Ryall
COVER “A”: James Stoke
COVER “B” (shown) by the regular art team

Sato has kidnapped the Elias and is forcing Mothra, through them, to take down Takahashi’s organization. While he proved that even the chief of police is on the crime boss’s payroll, getting involved with human affairs could disturb the cosmic balance, which Sato doesn’t believe. He’s a man on a mission, but how far will he go?

What they got right: Sato is a morally questionable person at this point, but that’s how Layman wants him. Sato is still the good guy, don’t get me wrong, but now threatening the fairies to make Mothra go into action means using immoral means to a moral goal. He’s trying to avenge his partner and protect his family, and part of you wants to root for him while still knowing he’s making a big mistake.

What they got wrong: We’re halfway through this miniseries and Godzilla has only shown up twice, once in a one-panel flashback to his cameo last issue. Had this comic been called Mothra: Gangsters & Goliaths that would be fine and I would be so in favor of it and still would have bought it. However, this is supposed to be a Godzilla comic and the Godzilla quota is sadly low.

Recommendation: A fascinating story, and it’s rare that I care about this kind of hero character. Very much worth getting.

I don't care if it's a moth, it's a frickin' huge moth and I wouldn't order it around like that.

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