"We need a new place to hang out."

Sonic Universe #30

Archie Comics (September 2011)

WRITER: Ian Flynn
PENCILER: Tracy Yardley
INKER: Jim Amash
COLORIST: Steve Downer
LETTERER: Phil Felix
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski

Scourge is still the prison punching bag, but after seeing how the Destructix was captured, he gets a second wind and learns the backstories of Sgt. Simian and Predator Hawk (while we learn the backstory of Fiona as she talks to another prisoner). Now Scourge has two allies to prepare to escape the zone prison.

What they got right: We get some really good character development, and even Warden Zobotnik has motivations beyond torturing Scourge (not that his methodology isn’t still stupid and possibly self defeating).

What they got wrong: It’s tough to find anything wrong about a story that makes me interested in a character I don’t like, namely Scourge the Hedgehog.

Recommendation: I’m actually interested in a story about Scourge the Hedgehog. This round goes to you, Flynn!

It's the second panel I like, the other two are for context.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Transformers #22

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  1. webfox100 says:

    I really do like the back stories but I still don’t care for any of these characters.


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