So the rules of this tournament is that there are no rules. Well, there are rules but it’s just the general. Themes will now be reserved for the Prize Fight, which should make the Best of FNFs a bit harder. But that’s then and this is now.

The question is how I can do a Fight this week with my scanner busted. Then I remembered had all of the minicomics archived. Well, I can just choose one that I actually have, get the images (which would probably be of better quality anyway), and use that. So here we have one I though I used but do not appear to have. (I’m putting together a spreadsheet to help me keep track of what comics I’ve used.) This introduced Man-E-Faces, who is a bit different from how he was used later on. In this version he’s an actor who is also a master of disguise (so to speak), which Skeletor has turned into a monster under his control. Teela has been captured to sacrifice to a demon, so He-Man and the Sorceress/Goddess (it changed from comic to comic) race to rescue both Teela and Man-E-Faces. Let the battle be joined!

Smoking Joe (?) round 1

The Battlefield: Masters of the Universe: “The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces”

The Promoters: Gary Cohn (writer), Mark Texeira (penciler), Tod Smith (inker), Anthony Tolin (colorist), and “toyjesus” (scanner for He-Man .org)

So our heroes have arrived, the demon demands his victim to give Skeletor a way to enter Greyskull, and the Sorceress attempt to make the fight easier for the good guys.

I thought the heroes were into fair fights?

See, on Eternia, women can kick as much butt as the guys. So with Man-E-Faces restored, Skeletor is in big trouble, right?

"Well, most of them involve me kicking your backside all over Eternia..."

So now the two battle over which face Man-E is going to use.

Well…that didn’t go so well. Actually there is a happy ending, but you’ll have to go to the website and read it for yourself. The only problem is that the pages aren’t in order for whatever reason, so pay attention to that.

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