When we last saw Rocket Man he was about to be blown up. Can he avoid the blast? After all, he has to catch us all up on what’s happened the past nine chapters. Apparently, “the Deadly Fog” is being used to project a re-cap onto.

That’s what you get for doing a clip show, Jeff.

Here’s something else Wikipedia says about King of the Rocket Men that sound a bit like an opinion, but it’s still an interesting take.

King of the Rocket Men is a more cheaply-made than the previous Republic serials, and the casting is also less starry. Tristram Coffin was a typical “dress heavy” of the period, complete with pencil-thin mustache, and it was a real stretch even for serial audiences of the day to accept him as the hero. Even stranger was the casting of nearly forty-year-old Mae Clarke as the damsel in distress. The serial also lacks a colorful villain along the lines of The Crimson Ghost. The Deluge footage, though spectacular, had previously been used by the studio in Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. (1941).

Oddly though this is the same site that mentioned the production was over-budget by around $1000 and was the most expensive of 1949. Seems like a disconnect to me.

So how will Jeff escape this trap? Or did he already between scenes that we won’t see until we learn “The Secret of Dr. Vulcan”? Find out on this site next week, and if you haven’t been a fan of Saturday Night Serial (the stats seem to indicate this) don’t worry, there’s only two more chapters left.


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