So I finally found the time to post my interviewing rounds with the attendees at Brass City Comic Convention last month at the Naugatuck Valley Community College (NVCC). You’ll find a few names you may know, and two I know someone will. Most of the actual creatives there were independent publishers.

After the video I’ll post a few extra thoughts.

  • I’m really disappointed at how poorly the sound was on Feliciano’s interview. He was tough to get to since he was doing free art for the kids. Kept him pretty busy, and then he was also doing some commission work but took a few minutes to put up with me. Hopefully I’ll get another shot as ComiCONN where he will be previewing his next project, The Big 10.
  • Mr. Herring gave me a copy of Crime Wave Anthology #1, which features another of his stories, Chase & Hunt, and a story from the Enforcers title he mentioned. I’ll have that review up I think Friday.
  • I think ConnectiCon visits and the Comic Con videos and pictures I’ve seen have affected my view of cons. I was expecting more cosplayers, but there weren’t any. Don’t let me down, ComiCONN.
  • Lastly, funny story. I’m not used to the second story of a parking garage having an entrance besides coming up from level 1. So when I went to run to my car to have lunch, I went to the first floor. No car. I kind of panicked, thinking my car might have been stolen. Luckily I decided to try the second floor just to be sure, and there was my car waiting for me. I felt kind of stupid.

So I may have gone into BCCC with higher expectations that I should have, but it was a nice little gettogether and they do plan to do another next year. This one was more successful than last. Congratulations to Legends of Superheroes.

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