As much as you don't want to, you remember the Spider-Armor.

I wonder if anyone even knows what song I’m referencing?

Folks, I put a lot of work into this site for no gains. I can’t put ads up without an upgrade based on how (as a host) works. I do want to get some upgrades going so I can do a lot of other things, too, but the point is (and my dad seems insistent on reminding me) I’m spending too much time on this.

The problem is I have a lot of projects in mind, but when I decide to take one on or save up for it, my boss starts playing games with my hours. It’s a coincidence and I know the economy is a pain, but I don’t know what to do. No, I’m not giving up, I still enjoy making this and I like thinking this is still going to bring in readers for my comic. However, I don’t even have time to work on that or even get the art studio together. These last few weeks, with the tree coming down, me having to run to the doctor (stupid digestive disorder), and the convention yesterday has eaten more into my schedule.

So what I’ve decided is that this will be the last “Weekly Wrap-Up” article. Sunday’s will now be Jake & Leon, with the Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews award, the weekly Clutter Report and This Week’s Cracked feature, plus what I’ve retooled for Reviewers Unknown and a few other news bits, without the categories. (And there have been weeks I have struggled to get all four covered.) For the free days I plan to post an article link, perhaps with some minor commentary. This will give me more time to work on other projects, like the videos, Ninja Ballerina, various other projects, and better articles since I will have time for a better full article. I still want to do the Transformers: Exodus finale on Wednesday, finish Liefeld’s Galactica, and a few other article series that I don’t have time to really work on because of deadlines. Filler videos will just be regular video postings.

I hope this is OK with everybody, because the stress is starting to get to me. Not sure about the future of the Saturday Night Showcase, since finding time to find good fanworks and comics has also been an issue. You should also see how full my DVR box is and that stack of DVD’s I haven’t watched years after I got them is sad.

And with that, the last collection of news posts unless I do a “Getting Caught Up” post, which I’m sure will make a comeback every month.


  • If you read any article in this week’s Wrap-Up, it should be THIS ONE! Laura Hudson of Comics Alliance responds to depictions of Starfire and Catwoman in this week’s new comics and explains just why it’s wrong better than I ever could. For another one, how about how a 7-year-old girl reacted to the new Starfire. These are both examples why DC is failing females and the next generation.
  • Father & son team-up to bring the father’s most famous case to comics.
  • Someone tell DC what really IS the best-selling comic this year?


video games

  • I disagree with this person’s take on sagging game sales and their affect on the industry. While smaller games may be bringing more in than the big names stuff, shouldn’t this prove that having a “big franchise releases” isn’t going to “save the industry” or whatever? Maybe gamers are finally seeking something more and casual gamers are finally being re-recognized. Also, pretty graphics won’t “save” video games, so why assume we’re at the end of a console cycle if there’s no proof the next system isn’t going to advance anything? Am I wrong here? (See, shorter articles like this paragraph will buy me a bit more time for other projects while still getting my message out.)
  • The new games for fall. What will you be playing?
  • Will maturity affect Sonic’s attitude in the new Sonic Generations game?

in other news

  • after 31 years, music group REM is calling it quits.
  • Didn’t have time for a Clutter Report this week. See what I mean?
  • Retooled for Reviewers Unknown: As I said Wednesday I altered the first Chapter By Chapter (here’s the original). I’m still waiting to see if there’s any response before I start getting into the book over there. If nobody appears interested I won’t be doing any more reviews there, but the finale is coming THIS Wednesday, and then we can finally start a new book.
  • This Week’s Cracked: As the title suggests, 5 Trends You Think Are Ruining Movies  (Are Older Than Film) shows that sequels, adaptations, and even piracy plagued William Shakespeare and Homer. Even Asylum Films had predecessors. Wrap your head around that, kids.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Super Dinosaur #4

Sometimes even the bad guys can be awesome.

But was that ever really in doubt? Next week, Jake & Leon will be the title of the Sunday night posting, and hopefully it will be on time.

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