Too many possible bad jokes/puns here.

Young Justice #8

DC Comics (November, 2011)

WRITER: Greg Weisman & Kevin Hopps
PENCILER: Christopher Jones
INKER: Dan Davis
COLORIST: Zac Atkinson
LETTERER: Sezi Sienty
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Michael McCalister
EDITOR: Jim Chadwick

Artemis’ story continues as she handles an army of robot monkeys and gets a shot in to help the gang (as seen in the episode “Schooled”). Afterwards, she’s invited to join Young Justice by Batman and Green Arrow, but she has a condition that surprises her mother. We later see her join, as seen in the beginning of the next episode, “Infiltrator”.

What they got right: I like the shows’ writers pop in to fill in gaps like this in the show. It means they’re taking the comic counterpart seriously, and hopefully even consider it canon, and now that Weisman and Hopps are writing both (apparently having Art Baltazar and Franco was a temp situation–they should be put back on Shazam/Captain Marvel/Billy Batson), I hope that is indeed the case.

What they got wrong: Artemis could take on the entire Monqui force by herself when just a few of them were able to outsmart a whole group? Seems a bit much.

Recommendation: Like the cartoon (and you should)? Then you’ll like the comic.

I couldn’t pick out one particular moment for “Best Scene”, so no nomination here. In this case, it speaks well of the comic.

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