Space Ace was the second attempt by Don Bluth to make cartoons into video games full-motion video style. MarzGurl covered this game and seeing as I have a copy on CD-I, it will show up on Video Game Clutter if I ever find a way to get CD-I footage. Luckily getting comic footage is easy, because that’s where I’m going for today’s fight.

He’s not fighting the evil Borf because Borf is still a baby at this point. Instead, it’s three nobodies who want to make a name for themselves by taking down Space Ace. Don’t count on it.

Smokin’ Joe round 9

The Battlefield: Space Ace #1 (CrossGen Publishing, produced by MVCreations–they released the first three issues before going down; Arcana would reprint these before publishing the other half of the miniseries)

The Promoters: Robert Kirkman (story), Paulo Borges (artist), Pat Duke and Grafik Sismik (colorist), and Lithium Pro (letterer)

So Ace is being examined to see if he can be cured from the Infanto-Ray induced problems from the game, when the bad guys bust in.

So much for secret identities.

Caught unawares and without his blaster, Ace/Dexter is in trouble.

"And I don't mean dance!"

Of course, even without a gun, Space Ace knows how to fight bad guys.

"Wait, that thing on the floor just flashed. I bet it's useful."

I did promise things would go boom, and we here at the Spotlight try to deliver our promises.

OK, so I missed an “O”.

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