Miles "Tails" Prower

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In case you don’t understand the title, or just like the Muppets, here’s a link thing. You can guess this involves a robotic octopus, but would you guess it also involves a two-tailed fox?

Every Sonic fan has their favorite character, and for me it’s Miles Prower, aka Tails. So seeing Tails get his own adventures in the comic is pretty cool. Personally, I’d like to see another one now that he has his robot sidekick, T-Pup. However, this fight is from Tails’ first solo adventure. So how well has he learned from a certain speedy blue hedgehog?

Smokin’ Joe round 10

The Battlefield: Sonic Triple Trouble special (Archie Comics; October, 1995) “Submersible Rehearsal”

The Promoters: Mike Gallagher (writer), Art Mawhinney (penciler), Rich Koslowski (inker), Mindy Eisman (letterer), Barry Grossman (colorist), and Scott Fulop (editor)

Rotor makes a submarine for Tails, but Sally thinks he’s too young to go off alone and tells him not to put oil in it. However, an oil-covered sea-gull not only gives Tails his first mission but the oil he needs to go into action.

I do wonder why there's a huge drill on the tip of a submarine.

First solo fight. Two moves. (Granted, his witty banter needs some work.) Later Tails learned to fight with his fists, became a chosen one with Sonic and Knuckles, became a technological wizard and all without being told “he’s awesome and a badass and you must love him as much as I do” by any of the writers. Tails became cool the old-fashioned way…he earned it!

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