So how we’re doing this is what would have been last week’s reviews will be reviewed in the morning and this week’s at night. That will make it easier to give both weeks a Best Scene nomination.

"You just HAD to lose a contact lens here."

Justice League International #3

DC Comics (January, 2012)

WRITER: Dan Jurgens
PENCILER: Aaron Lopresti
INKER: Matt Ryan
COVER: David Finch & Peter Steigerwald
LETTERER: Travis Lanham
EDITOR: Rex Ogle

The JLI splits up to tackle all four giants. Booster and Batman head to Peru, Rocket Red & Ice hit the coast of Russia, Fire and Vixen go to South Africa, and Godiva and August General visit Canada. All four parties go into the caverns the giants came from, and find guards building or maintaining a big device. Guy learns that an alien ship is coming in and heads for it. He doesn’t recognize the tech, but he gets a rude introduction to the pilot, which the “next time” blurb seems to be calling Peraxxus.

What they got right: The comic continues the right mix of fun, action, character development, and plot progression.

What they got wrong: I still have no idea what Godiva’s powers are, or who she is, really.

Recommendation: This continues to be my favorite of the New 52. Definitely worth picking up.

You thought it would be the scene where Guy gets knocked out, did you?


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