It’s that time again. And this time on time. November 16th marks the anniversary of BW Media Spotlight. And what a difference a year makes. Video reviews, interviews, convention videos, starting a second blog, using different paper for Jake & Leon (which has led to more improvement than I thought it would) and being picked up by Reviewers Unknown (who is celebrating its own first year anniversary this month). And I have other plans for things in BW Year 4, such as more and different video projects, hopefully finally getting Ninja Ballerina done, and maybe getting some help from the RUers in the process.

However, tonight it’s all about looking back to see which articles (and now videos) I’m most proud of or really defines what the Spotlight is all about. Take a trip back in time with me, if you will.

  • Sing Me A Story: Same Old Lang Sine: Proof that even a good song has its faults, and not every Christmas song immediately makes me happy.
  • New Marvel Master: My problems with Marvel Comics wasn’t some hate fest against Joe Quesada, so while some were celebrating his leaving, I still had my doubts. I even did a Jake & Leon on the matter.
  • Japan needs a CBLDF: In which events in Japan have me trying to find a balance between objectionable material and freedom of expression.
  • Sing Me A Story: Why Are They Getting Lucky?: Maybe it’s because I don’t do this feature all that often, but my taking Avril Lavigne and Jason DeRulo to task is something I had to share. You wonder why we nice guys keep thinking we can’t “get the girl”? Because these things happen.
  • SNS Promotes Tyler James For Channel Awesome: As of this article, TJTV was picked up by another site, Reviewtopia, but that’s doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong on the top reviewing site.
  • Flashpoint or Why Should I Care?: Before the New 52 was official, it was just a rumor at Bleeding Cool. I post this more for historical significance, although I do go into my problem with comics today. Namely, the guys working on them.
  • Tokusatsu: A BW Primer: Over at The Clutter Reports I’ll do a multi-page toy review “set”, but I seldom do those on this site. Here I did, only instead of toys I looked at the different kinds of live-action sci-fi series coming out of Japan that has fans in the West. Since they’ll be a discussion topic in the future, it’s nice to have something to point to if you know nothing about Kamen Riders or Ultramen.
  • New TV Wonder Woman or lack thereof: I think we all knew putting David E. Kelley in charge of Wonder Woman would be a bad idea. I have the pilot somewhere on my harddrive and I’ll be planning a video review of it in the future, I’m sure.
  • Tronix’s Ideas For IDW’s Godzilla (part 1) (part 2) (finale): It started out being about things I’d like to see, and ended up how I’d write Godzilla, which is how I’m currently retooling it for Reviewers Unknown.
  • Snarf silenced: I point to this pretty much every time I have to point to bad character treatment. I don’t think Snarf is that bad at all. In fact he did evolve as a character from the early episodes. People seem to ignore that. But turning him into a Pokémon is supposed to be an improvement?
  • ShadowWing’s Super Bowl Ad Review 2011: Because I still want an animated GIF of Roseanne in that Snickers ad.
  • Commercials That Need To Die: Go Daddy: Speaking of articles I don’t do very often, the Go Daddy Girl thing is just played out. Let it go on a high note (because last years’ Super Bowl ads already showed signs of sliding down the other side of the mountain).
  • The Problem With Airbending: A webseries called Animated Amnesia has probably the best examination of why M. Night’s version of Avatar: The Last Airbender failed so badly.
  • DC ditching CAA for ESRB: DC’s new content rating system got me thinking about the problem with rating systems. I should also do that Comics Code article someday.
  • Judging a political cartoon: The video clips are gone, but I think my point still holds.
  • The Furman Files: Creation Matrix of Leadership: The series got waylaid by an email from a site called The Furman Files, a political satire site. I plan to resume it since I haven’t heard him reply to my email, but as a reminder, why the Matrix of Leadership and Creation Matrix are fused together, despite being from different continuities. Short answer: Simon Furman.
  • SNS> A Review of The NeverEnding Story: A group of video reviewers got together and discussed my favorite movie of all time. Naturally, I had a few comments.
  • Zac Snyder’s Superman: going realistic: Which, by the way, is NOT how you do Superman!
  • SNS Presents: Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah (a BW Video Review): My first video review and certainly not the last video review or project I’ll be doing. However, articles and comics are still my top project priorities. (After cleaning this place up. I wish.)
  • Arnold gets a cartoon: Or he would have if he could have kept his pants on.
  • The State of Internet Reviewing: With some video reviewers using storylines to up the entertainment value of their reviews, some fans weren’t happy about it. After CFerra commented on it as someone involved in the community, I went into it as someone who reviews storytelling. (Of course I guess I’m a bit of both now.)
  • Fraction’s Eventitis: And sadly, there seems to be no cure in sight.
  • Sing Me A Story (yes, again) Ghost Riders In The Sky: Just in case you didn’t think I’d discuss a GOOD use of song as narrative.
  • Flashpointless: And they STILL weren’t telling us about the New 52.
  • Truth, Justice, and the Global Way: Not that the story “matters” anymore thanks to the “relaunch”, but I tried to take a more level-headed approach from the politicos about Superman’s announcement that he was cutting ties (so to speak) with America.
  • Eventitis: A Definition: In which I finally discuss events and how they can be done right and wrong. And why I think lately it’s the latter.
  • More “Point”lessness: The New 52 is finally announced, and I of course have a knee-jerk reaction that turned out to be pretty much what I think now.

OK, tell me the truth. Do I just have a bigger ego, or am I actually getting that good at this? This is a lot more than I flagged last year as something I’m proud of. This is just the end of last November until the end of May. I think we’ll stop here, and hit June to the beginning of THIS November tomorrow.

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