Yesterday, our Master of Ceremonies was rather cold to poor Ninjak, or rather the reboot that I preferred to the darker original. This inspired me to go to the final battle for a two-part entry into the FNF.

If you’ll recall from last time, in this version, a kid named Denny is given the power of a video game hero. Long story short going into this one: the Denny and Ninjak personas are now separate and facing the villain that Ninjak was created to fight. But in some video games of the period, you had to fight the end bosses one last time before facing the final boss.

“Marvelous” round 3

The Battlefield: Ninjak V2 #12 (Acclaim Comics/Valiant Heroes – February, 1998) “All The Marbles”

The Promoters: Robert L. Washingon III & Kurt Busiek (writers), Neil Vokes (penciler), Mike Deming (inker), Dave Lanphear (letterer), and Atomic Paintbrush (colors)

So now Ninjak has to face all his old foes at the same time. Denny, although physically removed from Ninjak, still maintains a mental link due to a shared Ki. (Don’t look at me, I don’t follow that form of spirituality.) Denny, from the outside of the battle, has a few unorthodox strategies to try out.

So the kid is the martial arts master?

Ninjak is a bit annoyed about using Chinese techniques and moves from other video games, but you can’t argue with the results. Then Denny suggests a move best described as “piss off your opponents…

Ninjak doesn't date much.

…until they get so mad that they attack each other”. It’s long in the translation.

So now it’s time for the final boss. How does that work out? Check in next week for part 2.

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  2. Jeremy Aron Patterson says:

    Will you review this Ninjak’s guest-appearance in the final two issues of Trinity Angels?



  3. Jeremy Aron Patterson says:

    I can understand ignoring Trinity Angels, as it was overlooked amongst the VH2 line! The only time the characters showed up in another book was when one of them showed up in the second-to-last issue of THIS Ninjak series!


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