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Red Skull #5

Marvel Comics (? 2011)

I should note that I didn’t actually pick up the comic. Greg Pak, the writer, offered it to the first 10 bloggers that sent him an e-mail with the site URL. I was one of the 10 and read it through ComiXology’s digital online reader. (Sadly, you can’t download it to your computer, so online is the only way I can read it.) The publishing date isn’t included like it is a regular comic.

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Merko Colak
COLORIST: Matthew Wilson
COVER ART: David Aja
EDITOR: Alejandro Arbona

Since I haven’t read issues #1-4, I can only guess this is the history of the man who would become the Red Skull, right hand of Adolph Hitler in the Marvel universe. All we see this issue is the future Skull go after people who wrong him and I guess his friends, until one of them tries to take a shot at Hitler himself, thus setting himself up to become the future enemy of Captain America.

While I think I would have gotten more out of this story had I read the first four issues, I did get a sense of who the future Red Skull was. I don’t know why he targeted the one character, and killing the other seemed rather petty. Again, I’ve only read this issue. The art is very good.

Overall, I’m not sure I can give a full recommendation to this story seeing as how I came in to it. However, it is at least worth taking off of the shelf and judging for yourself, especially if you can see the other four issues or possibly the trade.

I really couldn’t pick one “Best Scene” moment for nomination, since every scene requires the rest of the book for context and it was well done overall based on what I can tell about it.

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