Clan of the Gray Wolf is a website devoted to gaming, primarily video games. You may know member Roo from his show 16-Bit Gems, which is posted on a number of review sites. (He also did that Star Trek crossover review with Apollo Z Hack I posted a while back.) They’re doing a marathon for charity where they will play through a series of video games. As the article title suggests, they will be playing what I consider a highly underrated system. Not that every game is perfect, mind you, but the Compact Disk Interactive system does have a few good games. Perhaps you’ll see it this weekend.

Yes, they’re playing the CD-I, with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society. While I won’t be able to watch the entirety of all three days I will be watching when I can to see if some of my favorite CD-I games get played. (Yes, the Mario and Zelda games are terrible, but there are good games, I promise.) You can go to their website Friday December 9-11, 2011 or just watch their UStream feed.

(I wonder if they’d help me out with getting CD-I footage for Video Game Clutter?)

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