Never disturb Ra's when he's in the hot tub.

Young Justice #11

DC Comics (February, 2012)

WRITER: Greg Weisman
PENCILER: Christopher A. Jones
INKER: Dan Davis
COLORIST: Zac Atkinson
LETTERER: Dezi Sienty
EDITOR: Jim Chadwick

During the episode “Denial”, Robin joins Batman at Cape Canaveral to stop another of Ra’s Al Ghul’s plans. Ra’s falls to his death but is revived in a Lazarus pit. When he leaves, however, something comes out of the pit, which appears to be Clayface.

What they got right: I’m starting to think they create these gaps in the show specifically to allow this comic. Here we get to see what Robin was doing when he wasn’t in one of the episodes. Also, we have the set-up for the comic’s next arc.

What they got wrong: It’s cool to see Batman and Robin team-up and I would love to see a Batman comic in this style. However, this isn’t Batman. It’s Young Justice and this is a Batman story. Granted, I wish all the DC comics looked and acted like this, except that the story in this issue wasn’t all that exciting, at least compared to previous issues. Maybe it’s just to set up the villain of the next arc. It wasn’t bad, but weaker compared to what this series has produced.

Recommendation: Probably the best superhero comic DC is currently producing, so buy your issues fast. Based on the current DC heads’ track record I don’t expect this to be around too much longer. They don’t seem to like good, fun stories in their superhero comics.

Too many jokes to make here.

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