I don’t usually bother with discussing reviewing. I’m supposed to be DOING the reviewing. On the other hand, there’s a certain idea that comes with video game scoring system that confuses me. Movies are usually scored at 1-5 stars. TV and music I seldom see with a numeric score and comics I’ve only seen at a 1-5 scale twice, over at The Weekly Crisis (although they use titles rather than numbers) and on the Comic Book Issues show. Usually I see either a thumbs up or thumbs down, or something like my reviews which is just a basic recommendation.

Video games, however, tend to be scored during a review at “X” out of 10 and when some reviewers like the people at X-Play use the same 1-5 scale that nobody complains about with movies, gamers freak. “10 points is better, why don’t you use it!” WHY is a 10 scale better? If I reviewed current games I’d do it the same way I do it for anything else, a basic recommendation with NO score. When it comes to Video Game Clutter it’s really a two-point scale, “stays” or “goes” because that’s all I need. (Besides the video capture card or time to at least gain footage with the emulator.)

However, it’s worse. If I understand the 10-pont scale, “5” should be the score of an average game. When you get to “8”, it should be “great but not perfect”. Apparently this isn’t enough as Destructiod’s Jim Sterling recently ranted about as he went into character for one of his Jimquisition episodes. Just be warned: the man curses a lot.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Follow more of Jim Sterling’s videos at The Escapist and his articles at Destructoid.


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