Now I understand wanting to keep the DC titles at 52. “The New 52″ is a decent title, I’ve referred to the new versions of these characters as ” (name) 52″, and DCnU doesn’t seem to be catching on quite as well. That doesn’t mean that I can’t question some of the decision-making involved.

DC has six new titles they want to put out, and to keep the group at 52 (not including minis and specials) this means cancelling six current titles. Some of them I understand and some of them confuses me. Tomorrow we’ll go over the replacements, but here’s a look at the six going away, and note that I’ve not read any of them.

  • Man of War and Blackhawks: I put these two together because quite honestly I was surprised they even came about. Man  of War was a redux of Sgt. Rock, and comic companies don’t have the stomach to produce a war comic anymore. The Nazis and even the North Koreans were fine but sometime after Vietnam we couldn’t be mean to the guys trying to kill us anymore. (On the other hand, we get things like Holy Terror which is too far the other way from what I’ve heard about it, but you know, Frank Miller.) How do you do a story about the military when you really aren’t happy with it? Maybe if they got someone like Billy Tucci who, according to my interview, has shown an affection for soldiers and Sgt. Rock but I never knew what they were going for. Blackhawks could have worked in some form but I didn’t really follow it to see how they eventually worked it.
  • Hawk & Dove: I could make a joke about how putting Liefeld not only on art duties for this comic but writing as well led to its end, but that announcement was made about a week or two before this one. Besides, his pal Jim Lee snagged a few more titles for him. As we’ve seen, putting Liefeld on plotting detail leads to bad things. Too bad this one didn’t work out.
  • O.M.A.C.: The second most surprising cancellation on this list, people who should know my tastes by now have suggested this comic to me. I never had the chance, but it sounds like people really like this one. It’s fun, but current DC people hate fun. That Justice League International and Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. still exist baffles me, because JLI is fun and Franky is fun from what I hear, but not in my interests. (I’m not really into the whole “Justice League Dark” side of the New 52.) I wonder why this one didn’t do better?
  • Mister Terrific & Static Shock: Why put these two together? Well, besides the obvious that this leaves the DCnU at only four prominent black superheroes, only one of which has his own comic, two in a team books and one as a back-up story, is the one that keeps his own comic. Batwing is a new character introduced by Grant Morrison as part of Batman Incorporated, which is also one of the Next 6 for the record. I’m thinking this has something to do with this not being cancelled, but I’ll get into that tomorrow. While Mr. Terrific took over for Martian Manhunter on Justice League Unlimited, he’s not otherwise that big a name, but while some people were worried about the comic going it there was some potential there. However, Static Shock being taken out is the most disappointing, and the most surprising drop. DC went to great lengths to get a hold of Virgil and family due to the success of the cartoon, which was such a hit that it was folded into the “DCAU” and they kind of screwed over the late Dwayne McDuffie and his Milestone imprint to get their hands on him. This recognition should have made this a top comic, but if what they did to it was anything like what they did to Batman Beyond I probably shouldn’t be that surprised after all.

That’s the six they’re cancelling. Tomorrow we look at what’s taking their place and my pre-judging. Let’s just say I’m not getting my hopes up.


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