In fiction amnesia is a bit different than in real life. A blow to the head can cause it and another blow or a certain memory-triggering event can undo it. The former once happened to everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic.

Naturally, Dr. Robotnix used this to his advantage, convincing Sonic that his friends were actually his enemies. So Sonic sets off to beat up his friends. He has the advantage of super-powers and a target that doesn’t want to hurt him. Will it be enough, however?

“Marvelous” final round

The Battlefield: Sonic The Hedgehog #28 (Archie Comics;  November, 1995) “Saturday Night’s Alright For A Fight!” (This was before Bahalctus and Spacebooger proved Friday nights were better.)

The Promoters:  Ken Penders (writer), Art Mawhinney (penciler), Rick Koslowski (inker), Mindy Eisman (letterer), Barry Grossman (colorist), and Scott Fulop (editor)

Last issue Sonic’s friends tried to stop Sonic from entering the base because he had a tracking device on him. They didn’t know that he had been tricked into believing the bad guys were the good guys and vice versa. They learned the hard way.

Sonic's massage business didn't do very well.

However, Sally may be a princess but she knows how to fight.

Sally's, however, fared surprisingly well.

Bunnie and Tails, unaware of any of this, walk in and decide to help restrain their friend.

So many jokes I won't make here.

He may have forgotten who he is, but Sonic isn’t one to be held back.


Another blow to the head would later restore Sonic’s memory. This is a method I don’t recommend using on your friends. You’ll just give them MORE brain damage.

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