We need to get this straight (no pun intended) right now for those of you who only follow Superman outside of comics and are hearing that Superman is now bisexual. It isn’t the regular Superman, Clark Kent, who DC comics has decided is now into both dudes and chicks but his son, Jon Kent. If you only know Jon from the CW show…well that your mistake. Being more Superman than Zac Snyder’s version still isn’t Superman enough. Clark and Lois only have the one son, who was slowly getting superpowers like his dad, and has now been aged up because shenanigans and taken over the name Superman. Now that we’re all on that page, let’s get into the real problem.

First off, I want to go on the record with my stance on Jon Kent’s “coming out” at the hands of the writers and possibly either DC editorial or someone at WarnerMedia. My personal official opinion as a long time Superman fan is…I honestly don’t care. The Jon Kent I wanted to read about was left behind when Brian Michael Bendis decided to age the character up for no good reason. The stories and friendship with fellow Super-Son Damian “Robin” Wayne (no, he’s not the Robin that also went bisexual recently) was tossed out the window. Tales where Superman teaches his son how to use his powers were shredded. Family moments with the Kents or Jon growing up and having his own circle of people in school and life issues as both Superman’s son and his own developing powers got hit with Kryptonite. What DC is shelling out now is a namesake, a replacement for the real Jon Kent. I have shown how this can be fixed.

I guess older Jon needed a GPS to his home dimension.

However, DC isn’t going to do that. So what’s the real problem to me if I don’t care what they do to I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Jon-Kent? That DC Comics is using the representation shield to, and this is going to sound like a conspiracy theory but here me out, hide what their real game is…and the internet is falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

First let’s go over the “representation shield”, a term I just created but feel free to use it. This is not me going off about the “SJWs” or the “alphabet community” (I have heard actual gay and bi people use this because no group is a hive mind any more than they are all the same stereotype) though playing woke bingo is a contributor here. These are people who never read these comics, probably think this is Clark going bi, and celebrating their achievement. The “shield” comes in because anyone who speaks out against the move will immediately be called homophobic and be told that thus their opinion doesn’t matter. They don’t care if the story is bad because they don’t care about the story. The usual suspects only care about representation, which allows the lazy to slap in gay, bi, or even women and people of color and not have to put effort into their story knowing any demand for good characters (and I’ve seen good superheroines and black superheroes so I know it can be done just as I’ve seen terrible superhero stories with white men) will be fought by people who only care if they wake up yelling “it’s great to be black and queer” and come to its defense. It’s not like we got to see Jon grow up so we don’t know what happened when he hit puberty. At the time he was escaping from crazed alternate universe Jor-El so we missed Jon going through life. It’s like when a sitcom turns a baby into a five-year-old in the next season, only Jon actually had a personality readers really enjoyed.

I can’t mourn for Jon Kent. He’s already dead.

Why should the representation crowd care, it’s just that geeky crap in those dumb comic books anyway? They should make Superman kill people like Zac Snyder does because we shouldn’t be like Superman, he should be like us. That’s why their opinion doesn’t matter. And yet DC and Marvel like to play up to them. They still haven’t made Steve Rogers gay, but they did it to Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, and Iceman, and then created a bunch of gay teen heroes. Just last month we were talking about Tim Drake, the third main continuity Robin, breaking up with his longtime girlfriend off-panel so they could set him up with a dude. So this is hardly the “bold” move DC is trying to treat it as. It’s not THE Superman any more that it’s THE Robin or like it was THE first Green Lantern or THE Iceman. It’s not even THE Jon Kent thanks to ruining the character already. The usual suspects see this as yet another victory for their attempt to take over pop culture and remake it in their image as the gay arm of the everything for meeeeeeeeeeeeee crowd, and even some gay and bi people are seeing it for what it is and calling both them out and DC. Like I said, it’s woke bingo, but why are they playing it? That’s the “real problem” I keep referring to. Well, technically there’s two.

The minor one is that DC is using the LGBT+ community and the fanshippers…oh, right, almost forgot about them. DC is playing to them as well. We saw this in action when it came to defense of Tim Drake’s experimentation. Tim was gayed because the slashfic fans, the folks who seem to think the world is a polyamorous bisexual orgy and God save you if you don’t make their ship canon, insist that Tim and former Superboy Connor Kent were secretly in love…because Tim actually cared about his friend. They were treated as closer than brothers so the shippers immediately decided they were gay in the same “logic” that causes them to insist Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street are gay simply for being roommates. (I wonder what their college dorm life was…you know, on second thought I’d rather not know.) DC saw the reaction to Iceman being made gay when even some of the critics of that move would have accepted Bobby Drake (only related in the fake covers of Super-Team Family) as bisexual. So by making Tim and now Jo bisexual they can have any romance they want and make everybody happy. Or so they think. The moment Jon kisses a girl the usual suspects will have a fit and insist DC is trying to backtrack because the “B” in LGBT tends to be looked down upon by the “L” and “G” for not “choosing a side”. I have heard this from actual bisexuals.

So by playing to the woke defenders who don’t care about story in a media they’re snobbish to, and the fanshippers who want to match up anyone they feel like, DC Comics is in my opinion (as in I have no research or behind the scenes stories to back this up outside of circumstantial evidence so don’t take this as absolute truth) protecting their true intentions:

He keeps coming back and they keep trying to kill him off.

The death of Clark Kent!

I don’t mean the alter ego, though they’ve don that too. I mean Kal-El himself. DC Comics has been screwing over Superman’s creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, since they were still called National Comics. It took a lawsuit just before Superman: The Movie hit theaters just for them to get credit for making DC’s biggest cash cow until a more cynical world embraced Batman under the delusion that the guy who knows every form of martial arts, numerous languages, obscure trivia, and has an arsenal of gadgets that’s ridiculously specific without getting into “campy crap” like “shark repellent bat-spray” is somehow more realistic than a “boy scout” who only uses his powers to help people and not conquer the world…a rant I’ve had numerous times before and most assuredly will again and again. Even though Siegel and Shuster have passed away their families are not just trying to keep their credits on screen but trying to get the profits the men earned even though they’re too dead to enjoy it. I’m of two minds on that, but the point is that DC only has one. They want full control not only from the Siegel and Shuster estates but from the fans.

Today’s writers are also against continuity. That “omniverse” nonsense where “everything matters” (the “Syndrome” of story creation: “when everything matters, nothing matters”) so they don’t have to do things those annoying things like “pay attention” or “save a story that doesn’t work for a different project” when modern software would make creating a continuity guide so much easier. I’d say “or let the fans help” but Fandom.com is going crazy with how it puts ads on their hosted fan wikis right now so maybe not. Wiki software is easy to get and some encyclopedia software might even be free. Take five minutes to add information to a character profile after your done with the story or go back and read what’s been done and work with it. That gets in the way of their egos and lazy attitude towards something they only see as a resume and a paycheck.

Want to have a Superman that is more morally ambiguous? That’s not how Clark was raised. More “dark and gritty”? Prepare for fan outrage. Have him play to the latest social agenda? It better make sense for his character. That’s another reason to get rid of Clark Kent. The estates have (or believe they have, I won’t get into that argument) rights to Clark Kent and Lois Lane, the only two characters the pair sold to National Comics Publications and were promptly screwed out of any connection to. But with a new Superman, the name DC still has access to, they don’t have to acknowledge them anymore. They can avoid years of character development and continuity because “it’s not Clark, it’s Jon”. They can remake Jon Kent to their own whims and ditch the red trunks to play to the “cool kids” who, again, don’t read comics and make fun of him wearing underwear on the outside because they know and care nothing about the history of superhero outfits. Why do you think Kal-El is now on another planet in exile, just like he was in Future State, an event readers were sure was Dan DiDio’s intended changes for the DC Universe? WarnerMedia doesn’t seem to be doing anything to stop his plans from going through even though they let him go. It wasn’t the name that bothered us, it was the actions and DC isn’t changing course on that at all. If anything, they’re going full steam into it, and playing to whatever gets their name in the press, especially the mainstream press. They don’t care if you hate them as long as you talk about them, a mindset I will never understand.

Jon Kent, who was brought in during “Rebirth” via a very convoluted backstory to help bring Superman back to the form that made the name a cultural icon over the past eight decades plus, is now being used to usurp it. The current stewards of the DC universe don’t see this as a rich history and strong characters, the reason Superman is known and beloved around the world. It’s all marketing. Writers use it as a resume. Ideologues use it to promote their teachings. Executives see it as a money machine. These are not people who have the same love for these characters that made them famous; all they see are concepts and marketing tools, with less love than a cereal mascot geared towards them.

They made Jon Kent bisexual. The Jon I cared about is already dead so why should I care? It’s so obvious they don’t and neither do the people they’re using to be lazy and toss out everything that made people care for all these years. Forget the sociopolitical crap, that’s why the industry is dying. Woke bingo is just another nail in the coffin.

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  1. Crandew says:

    Great post. I like your take on it and I, too, don’t really care what they (DC) do. I’ve been reading comics for decades and I stick to earlier ones now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do want to get the stuff from the Rebirth period, including Superman and the Super-Sons but if I get to start buying comics again I’m going for the Bronze Age stuff and the Godzilla comics I missed out on. The only new comic I have any interest in is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though I have my worries on that one given the current state of comics and my lost interest in IDW’s Transformers.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Crandew says:

        Very cool. I’ve been reading the Golden Age Omnibus graphic novels, Superman, Batman, Flash, etc. and it’s awesome to see how it all got started. The early stuff is really cheesy but there’s a certain charm to it.


  2. […] I already commented on this situation. As for Superman (I’m not sure which one) dropping “…the American Way” for “…a better tomorrow”, are you really surprised at this point? These are not people who understand or even care about the “big blue boy scout”, so I’m sure putting more of an “edge” to Superman is another reason they’re trying to push Clark aside for Jon. They can’t connect to Superman as he is so this is their latest attempt to make a Superman they can relate to…because apparently they aspire to nothing. […]


  3. […] with newer, younger, and more politically charged namesakes. Bendis already ruined Jon Kent and I still think it’s all part of a plot to replace Kal-El but hold on to the name because while Batman has […]


  4. I don’t really read comics but I do love DC stories.

    I do think it’s homophobic that this has become such a huge issue, yet Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy were confirmed bi years ago and there’s no controversy across the country.


    • Harley and Ivy used to be a joke among fans who don’t believe in platonic friendships (not even just the shipping community) which did make sense given their histories and personalities. I’d even say that since Jon’s forced aging was somewhere in hypertime that you could make the case of him being bi.
      Wonder Woman however is a relatively new situation because more recent writers want to make the DC Amazons a closer match to the mythological Amazons by making them lesbians, who in the New 52 period would board mens’ sailing vessels, mate with them, and then kill them all, which thankfully was retconned the moment someone with common sense got into the writing duties. Diana only ends up bi because of the first man she meets, Steve Trevor. Harley and Pamela have an actual journey to their relationship. It’s not an issue because they’re gay, but why and how they were retconned into it. Tim Drake is a better example, Bobby “Iceman” Drake over at Marvel is the current poster child of gay retconning not for the sake of the story (Iceman comics because more of a gay romance tale than a superhero one and superhero fans rejected it for the lack of superheroing) but to please a certain group who want the big names tokenized rather than creating new characters they can’t market as well. Again, it’s not that they’re gay but the why and how that have fans upset.


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