Spectra aren't fans of Glee.

Battle of the Planets #2

Image Comics/Top Cow (September, 2002)

“TRIAL BY FIRE” part 2
WRITER: Munier Sharrieff
PENCILER: Wilson Tortosa
LETTERERS: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heilser
EDITOR: David Wohl

G-Force is finally approved to go after the Terrapin, but only to gather data and not attack the Spectra forces. Of course, Jason never met an order he didn’t ignore, putting the mission and the team in danger.

What they got right: These aren’t just one-dimensional characters. They have personalities and motivations. The character models are in tune with the show. Also, G-Force aren’t the big heroes of the original series (or its Gatchaman counterpart) but have to prove themselves on their first assignment.

What they got wrong: There is a scene in the Terrapin where Keyop runs into a guy performing horrible experiments on animals. Why is this lab in here again? Does Keyop’s rather violent response add to his character or this story? It feels forced, although I recall it affects him for the next few issues.

Recommendation: I’ll say this every time I review one of these issues: Pick this series up!

Tomorrow we resume new comics.

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