You think that's bad, wait until the Commando remake.

In last week’s list of other stuff I’ve done, I forgot something that posted while I was sick. Apollo Z Hack posted episode 6 of his Reviewaverse Saga. I actually have an audio cameo at the beginning, my first acting gig since elementary school. 🙂 Unfortunately, thanks to some behind-the-scenes events it ends on a cliffhanger and he won’t be doing episode 7. (Although I still think he should do it as a webcomic or something, just to complete the story. Still, it’s fascinating to watch if your in the reviewing videos community.

Speaking of which I need to pass some congratulations to a couple of my RU colleagues. The Blockbuster Chick was picked up by two other sites, Reviewtopia and The Agony Booth, while Joey Tedesco also joined The Agony Booth. I’m still trying to catch up with everybody’s videos over at Reviewers Unknown but I’ve seen a couple of their videos and they do good work.

  • The Clutter Reports: I added to the Bumblebee shelf, with Bot Shots Bumblebee (which my associate CFerra referred to as the cutest Bumblebee toy he’s seen.
  • Reviewers Unknown: Since I posted one of my favorite intros, it was time to also post one of my not-so-favorite intros. And since I use it as my usual example of bad intros, I exposed RU to Conan the Adventurer, a great show with a bad intro.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Godzilla Legends #4

"OK, the next model has rear view mirrors."

It’s kind of sad that there were only two entries, but only because the other new comics had decent scenes but no stand out moments. It was hard not to go with the clown army, though.


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