lois lane, beaten numb

lois lane, beaten numb (Photo credit: Joelk75)

The former Lois Kent is really getting a raw deal these days. In the New 52 she lost her husband and is stuck running the TV news. Now in the new Earth-2, she dies (again–I think it was Countdown where that happened last time), driving Superman to consider becoming a murderer. (Again.) Killing Lois to torture Superman seems to be an in-thing; even DC Universe Online has done it. (I know they’re fans of the Christopher Reeves movie, but come on, guys.) Via Wired.com and “Geek Dad” contributor Corinna Lawson, Lois has decided to breach the fabric of reality and give DC Entertainment a verbal lashing for what they’ve done to her as of late. I agree with every point made, from killing her off to killing the Supermarriage to stuffing her into news editor position. This is Lois Lane Get her back with her true love and back on the streets doing what Lois Lane-Kent does best! Getting into trouble so Superman has to rescue her.

(Please don’t hurt me. I had to make that joke.)

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