Scene from West's last birthday party. No, I don't mean "un-birthday", shut up.

The Misadventures of Adam West (ongoing) #1

Bluewater Comics (January, 2012)

WRITER: Jeffery Renaud
PENCILERS: Kewber & Luis Rivera
COLORIST: Mauricio Pinzon
LETTERER: Warren Montgomery
CREATORS: Adam West & Darren G. Davis
COVER: Joe Phillips
PRODUCTION: Mary Kate Thorne

Adam finds himself in Wonderland in the role of the Mad Hatter. However, he makes some revelations about the girl and villain from the previous worlds as he decides to take stronger control of the fantasy worlds created by the Amulet, with the White Rabbit (Robinson’s conduit into this world) and the March Hare as his sidekicks.

What they got right: The writer is having fun with this, as Adam tries to fight the madness of the Mad Hatter (and we even get a potential reason for his madness that I haven’t looked up to verify), and he and the Hare start talking about Batman’s death & return in the comics (although someone needs to tell them that it isn’t that original; Captain America did it, too). The Jabberwock plays into the story and the Caterpillar and Tweedledee & Tweedledum are foes Adam must fight.

What they got wrong: Maybe because it IS Wonderland, but while the previous worlds were locked into their scripts, this is more open. The Caterpillar mentions Pepsi Max, the aforementioned discussion about the Batman comics and the Hare knowing how the Wonderland sequel will end. Again, it could just be because it’s Wonderland, but that brings up another issue. The mini-series recap is in the Old West, the world from the previous arc. However, that arc ended with an older Adam West ending up in Gotham City. Why is that just ignored?

Recommendation: This looks to be a fun ride, and I’m looking forward to more from this series.

Only Adam West could pull that line off, folks.

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