The things you do to stay warm.

Battle of the Planets #3

Image Comics/Top Cow (October, 2002)

WRITERS: Munier Sharrieff & Edwin David
PENCILER: Wilson tortosa
LETTERERS: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler
EDITOR: David Wohl

Although managing to destroy the Terrapin with the Phoenix in firebird mode, Tomak rips G-Force a new one for disobeying orders. Mark & Jason have a fight (big shock) that’s interrupted by the janitor. Keyop has to deal with his own actions aboard the Terrapin and one of the Spectra from the ship survived and is picked up by a group of terrorists. Meanwhile, Chief Anderson has a secret prisoner. Zoltar isn’t phased by his losses, and has a new plan.

What they got right: Action, aftermath; this is a decent conclusion to the first story arc. It’s too bad we never actually had a Mark/Jason fight, as they might finally get it out of their system. Yes, some people need to be the #$@% out of each other to become friends. Never been that type myself so I couldn’t tell you why.

What they got wrong: As I recall, the subplot with the Spectran being taken by the terrorist group mentioned in the Sourcebook, the Chaos Republic Front, never went anywhere so the inclusion is rather pointless.

Recommendation: A good ending to the first arc. Again, get this comic.

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