This weekend is Daylight Savings again, Remember to set your time bombs accordingly. Miles Mayhem wishes he had. If you’ll recall last night I introduced a new article series that looks at those promo mini-comics that make their way into my FNF entries at least once a tournament. Tonight’s fight comes from that comic because…well, because it’s sitting here actually.

“Maxim” round 1

No, it has nothing to do with the PG13 porn mag (that’s how I see it, anyway). This next tournament is dedicated to boxer Joey Maxim. Just so we’re all clear on that. Spacebooger is a family man, after all.

The Battlefield: Mask promo mini-comic #1 (DC Comics?/Kenner/CPG Products Corp.,1985) “Flaming Beginnings” (see last night’s article on the full story in this comic)

The Promoters: Darned if I know. They didn’t list any.

For those of you didn’t read last night’s article, Mayhem remotely activated a time bomb (which defeats the purpose of using a time bomb when you’re just going to activate it remotely anyway) to blow up MASK headquarters. With all of the flying vehicles busy (despite Matt being issued one of those flying vehicles–who’s using Thunderhawk?), Matt and Bruce have to use the Rhino rig to get the robot out of the base before it blows up. Mayhem doesn’t like that plan.

"Using the weapons you made while working for an organization dedicated to peace and run by a future terrorist."

Thus the battle is joined. (Be sure to buy more of our toys so you can have epic cool battles like these, kids.)

Bet you wish you brought your plot-device filled Spectrum mask instead of the overpowered flashlight now, don't you Matt?

So does Mayhem’s plan backfires like so.

Maybe next time you'll use a quite timer or just set it to explode the moment you hit the remote. Dummy.

And so once again the toy room is saved thanks to justice!

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