Still mad that the Gatchaman movie wasn't made.

Battle of the Planets #7

Image Comics/Top Cow (March, 2003)

“THE DEVIL’S DUE” part 2 (apparently someone forgot to put in the subtitle in the last issue, which would have been part 1)
WRITER: Munier Sharrieff
PENCILER: Wilson tortosa
LETTERERS: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler
MANAGING EDITOR: Renae Geerlings

G-Force heads to Central West after Chief Anderson is attacked by Zoltar and pointed to him as a man who could have some inside information about the airborne parasite that is responsible for the citizens falling under Spectra control. However, Spectra has control of an advanced air defense system secretly created by the Earth government thanks to a traitor Tomak ferrets out…using his unearthly powers? Back in Central West the Phoenix is attacked by the defense system, and it’s possible Mark and Keyop didn’t make it.

What they got right: Curiouser and curiouser. There’s more to Tomak (an original character, not one from either cut of the series) than first thought. The cliffhanger leads into the next arc.

What they got wrong: Although the entire mission should have been one arc, I would think. Also, why would Zoltar leave a message about the guy who could cure the people of Central West unless it’s a trap? Anderson should be smarter than that.

Recommendation: The only problem with spending a week reviewing a series I think you should get in its entirety is that I have the same recommendation every week. But this is where I am in my collection so that’s what we go with.

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