It wouldn't be a team comic if someone didn't quit at least once.

Battle of the Planets: Princess #3

Image Comics/Top Cow (January, 2005)

WRITER: David Wohl
ARTIST: Wilson Tortosa
DESIGN/LETTERERS: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler

After being read the riot act by Anderson and Mark, Princess quits G-Force and moves in with an old friend. She offers Keyop a place to stay with her but the youngest member decides to stay with the team. Later, Princess has a chat with Jason as the bug Keyop brought back from Changu turns into a giant monster and takes him prisoner, the true plan of Spectra.

What they got right: When Wohl isn’t ripping off episodes of the show, he tells a good story. The comic starts with Princess working her anger on a training session and we see what she can really do. While I personally side with the Chief and Mark, totally seeing their side of it, I also sympathize with Princess. It’s a good bridge between stories.

What they got wrong: Ripping off the cartoon at the end into the next part of the story.  This time it’s the episode “The Alien Beetles” only instead of Keyop making new friends while bug hunting, he suddenly decides to grab one during the mess in Changu, which isn’t as natural a progression.

Recommendation: Still a good story/adaptation and worth checking out.

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