Just make Mega Man 12 like this, Capcom, and recycle this art for the "cover".

Mega Man #12

Archie Comics (June, 2012)

THE RETURN OF DOCTOR WILY part 4: “Charge of the Light Brigade”
WRITER: Ian Flynn
INKER: Gary Martin
COLORIST: Matt Herms
COVER ART: Patrick Spaziante
LETTERER: John Workman
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski

With Mega Man under Wily’s control, the Light bots rush to the rescue, restoring the Blue Bomber, who battles Wily as usual in Mega Man 2. After their victory, the Lights celebrate, and Dr. Light gives Rock his own dog, who I’m sure any Mega Man fan knows well.

Yesterday I reviewed a comic where I couldn’t find anything right. This issue I can’t find anything wrong. The art is good, the battle between the Lights and Wilys was great, and introducing two fan favorites: Mecha-Dragon and Rush the Robot Dog.

Recommendation: Up next is Mega Man 3 and I can easily recommend starting with the first two arcs (based on the first game and the Powered-Up game), plus this one. They’re fun, properly adapt the game, and very much worth your time.

More games need robot dragons.

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