I just realized I didn't make enough Casablanca jokes for this arc's covers. You're welcome.

Doctor Who V2 #16

IDW Publishing (April, 2012)

“AS TIME GOES BY” part 4 of 4
WRITER: Joshua Hale Fialkov
COVER “A” (shown) ART: Mark Buckingham
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
(photo cover “b”)

Our heroes escape the Silurians and the Doctor has a plan to foil their plan (which causes some guy to get sucked into the TARDIS).

What they got right: A satisfying end to the arc. I was worried they were going to get bogged down in the movie references, but while some homages appear they were minor, not groan inducing (no “here’s looking at you” or “we’ll always have yada yada” lines you usually get in these things), and didn’t affect the story.

What they got wrong: Not “wrong” necessarily. Everyone was in character and fun to read, but I’ve just gotten used to Tony Lee’s style. This was a bit more toned down, but not bad.

Recommendation: If you’ve missed out on Lee’s run (sorry to hear that), this is a good arc to jump in on. I think the new guy will grow on me eventually. It’s a good start.

Not that any one moment really stood out for “Best Scene”, though.


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