No, you're supposed to place his hand in a bowl of water while he sleeps, not remove it.

Super Dinosaur #10

Image Comics/Skybound

INKER: Cliff Rathburn
LETTERER: Rus Wooton
EDITOR: Sina Grace

Dr. Dynamo succeeds in getting Max out of prison, and is reunited with his wife. Meanwhile, Erin sneaks along on SD’s search for Dino-Men and gets our hero defeated while the Exile breaks his bonds and takes Derek prisoner!

What they got right: Action, backstory on the Exile (although it does bring up the question of why he calls himself “The Exile”), and Erin isn’t on Derek’s level of fighting. Hopefully she’s better at learning a lesson than Miko on Transformers Prime. Man, that girl is stupid.

What they got wrong: They haven’t done a good job making sure fans know the names of the Dino-Men. I actually forgot the female Triceratops’ name, and she’s appeared quite often in the comic.

Recommendation: If you want high action insanity, this is a great comic. If you want something a bit more serious, try Jurassic Strike Force 5.

SD is terrible at planning a meal.

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