Last time our ninja heroes gained all their members, learned that their enemy is family, and prepare to rescue their fellow ninjas. It’s time for the conclusion of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

  • I was disappointed that there wasn’t a team-up and again I didn’t know about the New Zealand move or the union issues at the time. That’s all. Just pointing that out.
  • Cyber Cam. Why?
  • Hurricane Megazord: one of the best all-Zords-combine Megazords ever. I think it was also the first time every Zord at their disposal formed a SuperMegaZord. Came at the right time, didn’t it?

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this season, mostly because I agree with almost everything Linkara said. While I didn’t dislike Ninja Storm as much as he did, it had a few snags. While I had no trouble with the nieces being silly and even Lothor being a bit lighter in tone didn’t bother me, there were times when I didn’t see Lothor as a big threat. Sometimes it seemed like he was guardian of the nuthatch and sometime he seemed like another member. I will say, however, that Grant McFarland did a great job of making Kanoi and Lothor seem like two completely different people. I didn’t even realize it was the same actor until late in the series.  He will be seen again in the current Power Rangers Samurai. With that we should just look over the Rangers:

  • Shane: I never really got into him. He just wasn’t all that interesting outside of Battleizer two-parter and the episode with his brother. I know Linkara found Blake bland but he was still more interesting to me than Shane.
  • Dustin: Dustin could be fun to watch. Interestingly, his biggest development was actually away from the Ninja events that Linkara didn’t mention, when he decided he wanted to shift from motocross to stunt riding. (Not the daredevil stuff, just showing off, like motorcycle gymnastics.) While family was indeed a big part of this season, there was also a lot to be said about believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams. Otherwise, Linkara said it all.
  • Tori: One of my favorite Blue Rangers (and the first lady blue, I believe), Tori knew how to balance fun and work and that turned out to be important for the team. I really like her relationship with Cam and I thought that was going to turn romantic, but I think they work just as well as a platonic duo as they would romantically.
  • Cam: Like Linkara, Cam was my favorite of the characters in this season. While in the early days he was a lot more snarky to the Rangers we learned why before it could get obnoxious (unlike Cyber Cam…what were you thinking, Cam?) and you kind of felt for the poor guy. When he became the Green Samurai Ranger (not to be confused with Power Rangers Samurai) he didn’t get an ego about it. He got what he wanted and by then he was pretty much friends with the others. Plus he was smart, loyal, and a good fighter thanks to training in secret. I’d like to see him again at some point.
  • Blake: Blake was the one to play peacemaker for the Wind and Thunder Ninja Rangers partly because of his friendship with Dustin and probably partly because of his growing interest in Tori. There wasn’t much to him outside of his solo episode, where he trained to master a special Thunder Academy weapon and I’m surprised that episode wasn’t mentioned at least in passing when discussing Blake, but I liked him.
  • Hunter: There’s not a lot to say about him. He was a bit of a hothead but loyal to his friends. I almost didn’t miss him.
  • Kelly: Linkara didn’t mention her, but I thought she was worth mentioning. After all, she’s Shane and Dustin’s boss at Storm Chargers, the extreme sports shop that also sponsors Dustin and later Blake & Hunter at motocross. She seemed like a good boss, as far as the “uninformed” characters the Rangers hand with in civilian mode goes she had some major influence in the civilian lives of the characters.

And so we come to the end of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Since Linkara is still ahead of me, but on the other hand probably won’t get to Mystic Force for a while, what with all of his other work, I probably still have time to get to Dino Thunder, although I’ll try to get that done soon.


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