Turns out they lost Earth 2 in a card game so we should be worried.

World’s Finest #1

DC Comics (July, 2012)

WRITER: Paul Levitz
PENCILER: George Pérez
INKER: Scott Koblish
(also cover “a”, shown)
(also cover “b”)
LETTERER: Carlos M. Magual
EDITOR: Will Moss
HUNTRESS CREATORS: Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, & Bob Layton

Five years ago, Robin, daughter of Batman, and Supergirl, were blasted from Earth 2 to the regular DC 52. In that time, Kara took on the name Karen Starr and started a company hoping to find the key to going home and Helena, now calling herself Huntress began traveling the world doing what she does best through various identity and embezzling some seed money this world’s version of her father. Now taking the superhero identity Power Girl, “Karen” investigates when one experiment to get them home is destroyed and together with Huntress come across Hakkou, the Irradiated Man!

What they got right: I know there were fans who didn’t like Power Girl’s new costume but personally I think it looks pretty cool. They also toned down her chest, giving her a normal breast size while still making her “ample” enough to be Power Girl. Maybe this will cut down the boob jokes. I love the banter between PG and Huntress. They make a good team.

What they got wrong: Why change artists for the flashback? It doesn’t add anything and the difference is obvious.

Recommendation: Hopefully the series stays as good or improves on issue #1. Considering some of the other New 52 titles (Justice League International), I’m taking a wait and see approach.

“Um, the door was open. That’s how we broke in.”


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  1. snell says:

    Why change artists for the flashback? because neither artist can long maintain a monthly schedule on a full 20 pages. This way, you can keep the books on time.


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