“Dang it Lana, can’t I ever change in peace?”

Superman Adventures #33

DC Comics (July, 1999)

“Clark Kent Is Superman And I Can Prove It!”

WRITER: Mark Millar

PENCILER: Neil Vokes

INKER: Terry Austin

COLORIST: Marie Severin


LETTERER: Phil Felix


EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

Someone has learned Clark Kent is Superman, but it’s not one of his usual supervillains. It’s his old high school bully, Brad Wilson. Unable to find work and turning to petty crime, Brad decides this secret is worth billions but would like to torment Clark a bit first. Now Clark has to come up with a way to convince Brad he’s wrong, and with a little help from Batman he pulls off the ultimate trick…by making Brad think LEX is Superman!

What they got right: I’m not against the idea of someone from his past figuring out Clark is Superman.

What they got wrong: But so much of this story doesn’t work for me. How did a petty crook come up with the paint and technology to trick Clark by playing on his supersenses? Why is he torturing Clark if he isn’t trying to blackmail him? What’s even the point of this story when you really think about it?

Recommendation: The only reason to have this comic is to complete the series. Otherwise it’s an interesting concept and not much else.


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