The Exile couldn’t wait for Super Dinosaur action figures.

Super Dinosaur #11

Image Comics/Skybound (June, 2012)

INKER: Cliff Rathburn
LETTERER: Rus Wooton
EDITOR: Sina Grace

The Exile escapes and takes Derek with him. Meanwhile, the rest of the family helps Super Dinosaur and Erin chase off the Dino Men, while Max tricks Doctor Dynamo again. Back with Derek and the Exile, they end up in Inner-Earth.

What they got right: In addition to everything they usually get right, I like that SD and Erin get a moment about Derek’s hanging out with Erin lately.

What they got wrong: We’re getting close to subplot overload here, guys. Be careful.

Recommendation: If you’re not already reading this comic, you need to correct your mistake soon.

Who says you can’t do touching moments in an all-ages action story with dinosaurs? Not Robert Kirkman.


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