King of hide-and-seek.

Godzilla #2

IDW Publishing (June, 2012)

WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
ARTIST: Simon Gane
COLORIST: Ronda Pattison
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow
CHOSEN COVER ART: Zach Howard (artist) & Nelson Daniel (colorist)

Boxer assembles the rest of his team, including his ex, who is also an army scientist, and a mute driver who narrates the issue. Their first target (after charging for the service) is Anguirus. One of the weapons they’ve been able to appropriate is a gun that should give the monster a headache–if they ever get to use it on him.

What they got right: The team is complete and I kind of like Clare. Smart, sexy (in the modern-day action film mold at least) and sassy. I wouldn’t date her but I like watching her. Anguirus returns and resembles his suit (as in he walks on his knees, a silly design when you don’t have to worry about a guy in a suit, but it’s traditional).

What they got wrong: Boxer is starting to make me wish for Sgt. Woods back. When he arrives in Edinburgh to chase Anguirus (when Irv wanted to go after the spider that killed his husband, and frankly the only monster I can believe a group like this could actually take down), Boxer’s first move is to punch a soldier in the throat and blackmail the government to taking it down. (What’s he’s trying to buy, Mechagodzilla?) Our hero, people. Oh, and I don’t care how much explosive Irv is packing, they’ve battled these things with tanks and rocket launchers. Nothing that can be packed into a time bomb that small would even phase it. I’m starting to feel like Film Brain, and we’re only at issue 2.

Recommendation: I can’t say this is a bad comic, but the stupid levels are nearing Kingdom of Monsters for a whole different reason and making me wish Legends was the ongoing. I plan to keep nitpicking this storyline, but I wouldn’t think less of anyone who found something to enjoy in this storyline. Thus far it’s mostly personal gripes.

You know what I like most about Claire? She hates Boxer about as much as I do. That means she’ll be mouthing off to him a lot. May still fall in love.


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  1. siskoid says:

    No, I think you have the book dead to rights. If I accept the action movie stupidity of the plot, it’s because someone’s convinced me that Boxer is being played by Jason Statham. So of COURSE it’s stupid, and not necessarily in a bad way.


    • I can accept the plot to a point, but I’m hoping for Boxer to get it worse than I did Woods. At least Woods had SOME redeeming qualities. His worst crime was leaving some reality stars he hated die. Boxer is manipulating people for money and I don’t think he cared about the girl being killed last issue (which was done by morons with poor aim and not Godzilla).

      What gets me is that they once dropped a nuke on Godzilla (if this is in Kingdom’s continuity) and all it did was give him deadly halitosis. If they hurt any kaiju we’re looking at Mary Sue/Gary Stu territory, no matter how hard it is.


      • siskoid says:

        There will always be two camps: People who root for the people, people who root for the monsters. I think we’re both in the latter.


        • Speaking for myself, the Godzilla movies of my youth were during his “good guy” phase so seeing him and his former allies (like Mothra and Rodan, not Ghidorah, Gigan or the other bad monsters) as anything other than “guardian monsters” is still tough to connect.


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