Animal finally found a female that can handle him.

The Muppets #1

Marvel/Disney Comics (September, 2012)

“The Four Seasons” part 1, “Spring”
WRITER/ARTIST: Roger Langridge
COLORIST: Kawaii Creative Studio
LETTERS: Litomilano S.r.l. (??????)
COVER ARTISTS: Elisabetta Melaranci & Silvano Scolari

The special guest performers are Colonel Marmaduke Bunch & Meredith the Mountain Gorilla (no connection to my character, who is Meredith, but not a gorilla), the latter becoming romantically involved with Animal. However, this is a relationship is not to be.

Skits include Koozeban, a bit about a hunter, a song about Animal’s rival, and Pigs In Space.

What they got right: They may have changed the title from The Muppet Show, but it’s the same comic Boom Studios used to publish. They even kept Roger Langridge on board, which is the smartest thing Marvel has done in quite some time.

What they got wrong: Why change the name? The movie is gone, so why not keep it The Muppet Show? Oh, and songs still don’t work in text.

Recommendation: If you liked Boom’s The Muppet Show, it’s the same comic and worth getting for Muppet fans.

And you thought chickens couldn’t fly.

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