This trip to the zoo is all wrong.

Super Dinosaur #12

Image Comics/Skybound (July, 2012)

INKER: Cliff Rathburn
LETTERER: Rus Wooton
EDITOR: Sina Grace

SD and the girls, with the captain’s son taking lead, head into Inner-Earth to rescue Derek from The Exile. In turn, the Exile reveals a surprise about Inner-Earth.

What they got right: Same thing they get right every issue. The action, the artwork, and the little moments (Doctor Dynamo finding it hard to cope with everything, for example) just work at every level.

What they got wrong: The new kid, Elliot. He comes out of nowhere (or he’s just that unmemorable), and suddenly he’s practically leading “Super Force Team Awesome” (hopefully Derek can tweak that name later) into Inner-Earth?

Recommendation: Buy this comic. All I need to say.

This should convince you to buy this.


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