Does not happen this issue. Then again, not much does.

Spider-Men #4

Marvel Comics (October, 2012)

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Sara Pichelli
COLORIST: Justin Ponsor
LETTERER: Cory Petit
COVER ARTIST: Jimmy Cheung & Justin Ponsor
PRODUCTION: Mayela Gutierrez
EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

Peter sits with the Ultimate Universe versions of Aunt May and Gwen (the latter tells their Mary Jane but she can’t bring herself to meet with this alternate version of Peter) before SHIELD brings both Spider-Men back to help Iron Man find Mysterio. That’s pretty much it.

What they got right: I guess this is supposed to be closure for May and Gwen (not MJ because Marvel’s current people in charge hate her that much in any continuity–but we do have one whole issue to go).

What they got wrong: But shouldn’t that have happened in their own title? This comic all talk, and that seems to be what Bendis does best lately. And while it was actually an interesting conversation, comparing universes while Miles plays with Peter’s web shooters, it feels like padding.

Recommendation: At this point I’d say wait for the trade. Maybe then it will feel like a better story.


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