Still not as sick as seeing “Incredibles hentai” in my search results, mind you.

Superman #12

DC Comics (October, 2012)

FINISHER: Ray McCarthy
EDITOR: Eddie Berganza
“SUPERMAN” CREATORS: Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster

Captured by the alien, a translator reveals the full story to our hero: that he was captured by the Russians as part of a project and just wants to go home. Superman still wants him to answer for the murdered men but after Ivan decides to drop a nuke on them both, Supes gains a new lease on life…sure to be undone by Scott Lobdell on behalf of the Bad Fanfic Brigade, according to the interviews I’ve read!

What they got right: One of the interesting things about the past two arcs by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens is that Superman didn’t face the usual evil threat but people who weren’t necessarily evil. Anguish just wanted her locket back to remember her mother. The “Gornian” (that’s what I’m calling him here, since he’s vaguely Gorn-like) was taken to “our” universe against his will and just wants to go home.

What they got wrong: However, I don’t think Superman handled himself as well with the “Gornian” as he did Anguish. How exactly is he going to pay? Does he expect the Russians to put him in jail? They’re the ones who kidnapped him in the first place so Russia could have their own Superman. (Apparently they have no superpeople in the New 52 or something.) Sending him home was really the only solution and he had to be forced to do it.

Recommendation: It’s not just Lobdell’s recent New 52 history but what he and the people in charge have said about how they want to portray Superman in the New 52 that is making me drop this comic after this issue. George Pérez had the basics but not the heart. Giffen and Jurgens have gotten Superman the most right, especially Giffen in his story with Anguish, and I wish they had stuck with them. However, it doesn’t connect with the “new vision” of him being alien, more “super” than “man”. (Hence also the SuperWonder Romance, I’m betting.) And that’s just not right.

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THIS is right!



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  1. I am REALLY not thrilled with this change of him being more Supes than man. Endless powers and adventures don’t mean much without real heart and grit grounding the story.

    But then that’s why I’m writing my own script…


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