Vacation’s been..well, crap if you remember my last post. I did, however, get to see the Birdemic Rifftrax Live last night, so at least that happened. And now we have a hurricane coming, and I don’t mean a guy in an armored boat. (Obscurity!) But I’ve missed enough Friday Night Fights this year so I can’t let this one go, and in this installment we’re meeting Jabberjaw’s grandma. You may be wishing for the hurricane.

Double M round 3

The Battlefield: Cartoon Network Presents #23 (DC  Comics; July, 1999) “Gammyjaws”

The Promoters: Chuck Kim (writer), John DeLaney (penciler), Dave Cooper (inker), Phil Felix (letterer), Dave Tanguay (colorist), and Harvey Richards (assists)

Jabberjaw’s grandma, Gammyjaw, drops in to visit and pretty much gets on Shelly’s nerves, because that’s rather easy. She’s also annoying the Ancient Mariner, the baddie of the week.

“For once, I’m glad I wear these diapers.”

What follows is kid-friendly deeeeeeeeeeep huuuuuuuuuuuurtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

Now this would boost Shark Week’s ratings immensely. Someone at Discovery Channel needs to get on that.

Never mess with a shark’s grandma, kids. This is what happens. Actually, what usually happens isn’t printable in a kids’ comic, but you get the idea.

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