Ah, year four. Such hope. Such promise. So what bloody happened?

I should have my main comicing under way. My projects should be bearing some kind of fruit. Well, quite a bit happened behind the scenes. For one thing our store was bought out and our new owners actually give a fig and it shows. We’re doing much better now and that means more work hours for yours truly. Plus I went to conventions this year and that took time. So basically working more than 12 hours a week at my paying job (which now actually pays enough to pay bills) takes away time from other projects. Who knew?

Still, I did add a new occasional strip, been doing stuff for Reviewers Unknown and added a new article series. There’s something to be said for that. So it’s time again to prove to myself that I’m doing some good in the reviewing and blogging communities.

  • Sing Me A Christmas Story: Rudolph’s Aftermath: The interview video won’t work on my site for some reason, but you can follow the link to Hube’s site and see the guy who has nothing but bad things to say about one of my favorite Christmas songs. I hope he got coal in his stocking that year!
  • Captain Yuletide #1: I didn’t get a lot of response last year, or even proof anyone downloaded it, but I still enjoyed it enough that I’m working on another one for this year.
  • BW Video Review: A Cricket on the Hearth: I think I’m going to also try to do reviews of Christmas specials that get little mention or scorn even though I like it. (Granted, defending Christmas Comes To Pac-Land would be a waste since my enjoyment is purely nostalgic.) This one was sitting on my DVD shelf for a few years before I went for it.
  • DC’s New Logo…and just how badly it sucks: While I would soften my stance slightly (merging the two articles for RU) I still maintain that the new DC Comics/Entertainment logo is rather bland and uninteresting, as are most of the New 52 logos.
  • Darth Vader’s Other Kid: In which I examine Leia Skywalker/Organa and the necessity or lack thereof of her being Anakin’s other kid.
  • Drawing Jake & Leon #100: For my 100th Jake & Leon strip I decided to show my work. I should do another one as I have made some minor changes in my process.
  • BW Super Bowl Ad Review 2012: I’d like to team-up with Test Zero on this next year since we both do these. Not sure if it will happen.
  • Another Perspective On Saturday Morning’s Demise:  Basically just a link to another SatAM article plus my own Saturday Morning discussions.
  • Marvel needs the Penance Stare: Just because they have the right, doesn’t mean they should. No wonder Marvel doesn’t think Spider-Man’s premise is “with great power comes great responsibility” even if they use that line whenever they can.
  • Earth-2 much of this nonsense: While I find myself enjoying Worlds’ Finest, I still can’t bring myself to read Earth-2. And this was before they ended ANOTHER classic comic marriage by making Alan Scott 52 gay.
  • Free Comic Inside: Flaming Beginnings: The first of a new series delving into those pack-in mini-comics that come in toys and other products. Often overlooked in comic reviewing.
  • BW Video Review: Challenge of the GoBots: My most popular video yet on both Blip and YouTube. The YouTube version even has responses that agree with me. Always nice to know it’s not just you.
  • If They Call Him Shazam, Can I Pretend He’s A Different Character?: Sadly, the depiction of Billy Batson and the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel has only gotten worse since then.
  • Ms. Marvel’s Promotion (and its legacy):  As for the new Captain Marvel of the Marvel Universe, I do a brief history on Carol’s predecessors.
  • Wonder Woman 52’s Poor Lineage:  Just create new characters and stop ruining multiversal continuity.
  • Captain PSA #1: “Mind Control”: One of the comics blogs that led to me reading and becoming a blogger was Comic Coverage and he would use his skills as an illustrator in his articles. I’ve decided to do the same, and a bit where we see what public service announcements would look like in a comic book world is my first attempt.
  • Why I’m Pro-Budiansky: In light of today’s review of Regeneration One #85, this takes on new impact.
  • Sing Me A Story: Secret Lovers: Hopefully the last time I have to write about a potential theme song for Ashley Madison.
  • I make logos: Blip still hasn’t confirmed my show page for the new layout, but I do like making logos.
  • Lobdell On Superman: be afraid: His run has barely started and already it’s a failure. Called it.
  • Writing For Different Mediums: The first “BW Panelling” video features C.J. Henderson and Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer discussing the hoops you’ll have to jump through to become a professional writer.
  • The Horrible Matchmaking Of Geoff Johns: Why Superman and Wonder Woman are not “THE couple”.
  • Autobots In Metropolis: I had heard that DC attempted to get the Transformers license some time after Marvel lost it. I hadn’t heard that a crossover pitch had been made.
  • It Came From My Twitter Favorites: Sometimes you just need to have a little fun instead of complaining about what “they” are doing now.

And tomorrow we come to the end of the fourth year of BW Media Spotlight and begin the fifth year of operations. Hope you’re enjoying the ride and I’m hoping to bring some more cool stuff your way.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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