Holidays are coming. It begins Thursday and then it’s trying to get things done before Christmas, including this year’s Christmas special video review and Captain Yuletide offerings. So I’m about to be very busy. However, I’m not ending 2012 without getting one little thing out of the way.

There’s one last Battlestar Galactica from Maximum Press.

Glen Larson had intended for Apollo to be the focus character of the series. He’s the one the Seraphs are looking to join them someday. He’s the flight commander. There may be an ensemble cast but he’s basically the hero. However, there’s something about a lovable rogue. For example, Han Solo, representative of the character type probably used on Starbuck. He became a breakout character and a fan favorite, especially with the ladies. Thus is the power of Dirk Benedict.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he received his own miniseries. The good news is that Robert Napton has shown that he CAN tell good stories in the show’s original time period. The bad news is that Rob Liefeld helped with the story. This is going to hurt, isn’t it?

I don’t think the human neck goes there.

Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #1

Maximum Press (December, 1995)

STORY: Rob Liefeld & Robert Napton
SCRIPT: Robert Napton
ARTIST: Hector Gomez
COLORIST: Scott Rockwell
LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway
EDITOR: Matt Hawkins
UPDATED CHARACTER AND wait a minute. They’re using classic character and ship designs. Why is this credit here?

It’s a good time cycle for Starbuck. He’s won another session of Pyramid and he’s getting ready for a date with Casseopeia (her one comic appearance under Maximum Press’ run). Then things begin to go wrong when an Eastern Alliance ship attacks. It’s Leiter, who’s still angry about events in the episode “Experiment In Terra“. In the ensuing battle Starbuck’s Viper is damaged and he is knocked out, so the auto-pilot heads for the nearest livable planet. Which turns out to be a penal colony for the Eastern Alliance. Guess he used up all his good luck on the card game.

Or maybe not since he’s found by a resistance group from the Western Nationalists, including a woman who has the hots for him because Starbuck. The Alliance goons found Starbuck’s wreckage but he makes a deal with Watts, the current leader or the resistance, to rescue their actual leader, a man named Joseph, if they help him get inside to contact the fleet. Too bad it’s a trap to ferret out Joseph’s identity since the warden, Commandant Kresh, was expecting Starbuck.

Admittedly this issue wasn’t that bad. Granted, I said the same thing about the first issue of Journey’s End, but this was better than that. By setting it in the original timeline and using someone other than the Cylons (even if it is still another classic threat), it stand out. The writing is also competent enough that, based on the other minis, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Liefeld didn’t have a big role in this story. There are two more issues to go so I’m not quite ready to celebrate yet. Tomorrow, our story continues, but since there wasn’t enough description for pictures I have to show you this.

A normal looking woman? In a Liefeldian comic? I know, right?


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