Young Justice #22

Reminds me of a short film I reviewed once.

Young Justice #22

DC Comics (January, 2013)

“Players” ch.3 “Landing On Boardwalk”
WRITER: Greg Weisman
ARTIST: Christopher Jones
COLORIST: Zac Atkinson
LETTERER: Wes Abbott
EDITOR: Sarah Gaydos

The focus shifts to the Earth-bound members while the Moon trapped Justice Leaguers get more trapped and Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy head to their rescue. On Earth, the League tries to uncover the source of the force field while Martian Manhunter and Flash try to contact the ship attacking it. (I’m calling it right now, whatever is generating the force field is trying to protect Metropolis from Brainiac.) Meanwhile, the YJs attempt a more direct confrontation.

What they got right: This is a more procedural chapter, as the heroes try to determine a course of action, like the moon-trapped JLers last issue. I couldn’t pin down a Best Scene nomination because it all works as a whole. Watching how the team works together, finding a way to communicate through the force field (which even further reminds me of Draw With Me), and not forgetting their original mission to protect a dignitary. Everything clicks together even though there’s really three stories interacting here.

What they got wrong: I’m still not sure what the point of flashing back five years is. This time its brief glimpses of Dick’s birthday five years to the day of this story. As Batgirl notes in the present, kind of a bad birthday for him this year.

Recommendation: It saddens me that THIS is the team-up comic they’re ending in February. It just feels wrong, since this is consistently a great superhero comics for both young readers and older readers trying to remember when superhero comics were fun to read and heroes actually got along, plus other things that made the DC Universe what it was. At least we still have New Crusaders from Archie.

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