Doctor Who V3 #3

“Staring contest. GO!”

Doctor Who Vol. 3 #3

IDW Publishing (November, 2012)

“The Doctor and the Nurse” part 1
WRITER: Brandon Seifert
ARTIST: Philip Bond
COVER ARTIST: Mark Buckingham
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

Tired of the Doctor and Rory bickering, Amy makes them have some private bonding time. Seeking a place with “lots of beer”, the TARDIS heads to London on October 17, 1814, where Amy ends up having her own adventure. Meanwhile, the boys decide to cheat by using the TARDIS to jump ahead slightly. I think you know where that’s going. But they did get to meet Ian Fleming and Rory may have influenced James Bond.

Look, we’re just going to forget “got wrong” because that would be a waste and get in the way of my gushing over this story. I’m not sure how The Silence is going to fit into this or why an agent started the London Beer Flood (yes, this is an actual event) but I think that’s just to give Amy something to do. A Doctor/Rory solo tale is something I wish the TV series had done, since so much of it was the Doctor and Amy. Even the photo cover, who usually has Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, has Smith and Arthur Darvill. The misadventures these two get into, from meeting Fleming to Rory hitting a sabertooth tiger with a magazine, are hilarious and seeing this on the show would have been awesome.

In other words: easy recommendation. I only hope the second half is as good as this one.

New Who does seem to end up there quite a bit.

New Who does seem to end up there quite a bit.

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