It Girl & The Atomics #3

“Surf’s up!”

It Girl and the Atomics #3

Image Comics (October, 2012)

“Dark Streets, Snap City” part 3 “Machine Dreams”
WRITER: Jamie S. Rick
ARTIST: Mike Norton
COLORIST: Allen Passalaqua
SERIES CREATOR: Michael Allred
COVER ART: Michael & Laura Allred
EDITORS: Jamie S. Rich & Eric Stephenson

The Atomics drop in on Skunk, who claims innocence. He then “rejoins” his old gang as part of a plan to ferret out (no pun intended) the new leader…which is a real shocker!

What they got right: The comic starts out with a nice scene between Luna and Nana before they became It Girl and Lava Lass, which plays well to the issue’s finale. Beyond that the comic continues to be as fun as the first three issues.

What they got wrong: If I have to put something here it’s that, as a new reader to these characters, I don’t really know who most of them are so I could do with a bit of an introduction.

Recommendation: Someone actually remembered that superhero comics can be fun to read. Give it a look.

{insert smoking health problem joke here}

{insert smoking health problem joke here}


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