Love & Capes - What To Expect #4

Been known to happen.

Love & Capes: What To Expect #4

IDW Publishing (November, 2012)

WRITER/ARTIST: Thomas F. Zahler
EDITOR: Denton Tipton

Darkblade and Amazona try to maintain their relationship, but if the current queen doesn’t recover she’ll have to stay in Leandia as queen forever and never return to earth. Meanwhile, her sister, Oriana, seeks Abby’s help in running Amazona’s business while the bookstore is failing. She also asks for Darkblade and his interns to help find out who is egging the stores on the street.

What they got right: Sometimes I have to remind myself that every review could be someone’s first, but it’s the same answer all the time: almost everything. The character interactions and relationships, plus some amusing moments, make this a very enjoyable read.

What they got wrong: Same thing here. I wouldn’t mind an issue or arc or spinoff that actually shows the superheroes fighting supervillains but otherwise there’s nothing to say here.

Recommendation: If you’re not already reading this series, it’s about time you did.

Love & Capes - What To Expect #4 Best Scene

I really want to make an Obamacare joke here.

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